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Find your lyrics together

Sometimes it's hard to say what we're feeling. Luckily, talking isn't the only way to express feelings. Music can also be a great way to communicate. Here’s an activity to encourage communication between you and your child.

How it works

  1. With your kid, pick one of the instrumental tracks or beats below.
  2. Grab a pen and paper and challenge your kid to a fun and friendly collaboration.
  3. You go first. Start with a lyric about something you're feeling or going through. Then it's their turn!
  4. Don't worry about being off-key or off-beat - just make sure you're being honest and open about your lyrics.
Instrumental 01

Behind the Scenes Videos

Kamauu Behind the Scenes
Five conversation starter pack cards splayed out on a blue background.

Continue the conversation

Our Conversation Starter Pack (CSP) is an interactive resource, available in English and Spanish, that supports parents, caregivers, trusted adults and young people in discussions about emotional wellness. It includes reflection questions, dialogue prompts and activities everyone can take part in.