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Continue the conversation

Talk with your child regularly

Make talking a habit. It strengthens your relationship and makes it easier to help them when challenges arise.

Help your child feel safe about feeling and talking about different emotions. Whether they feel happy, sad, angry, or depressed - it’s okay to feel and talk about these emotions.

Nobody knows your child the way that you do, so you will know when it feels natural and comfortable to initiate these conversations. Trust your gut.

Let them know you appreciate them opening up to you

After your conversations, always let your child know that you're glad they opened up to you. This can encourage them to open up to you again next time.

Teach your child to be empathetic towards others. 

While it’s important to talk about your emotions, it’s also important to understand how to talk without being disrespectful. Teach your child to be empathetic and careful when they treat other people. As you build your communication skills with your child, help your child build their skills too.

Next steps: Talk to your child about challenging emotion or topics.

Now that you’re equipped to talk with your child, read specific guides to talking with your child about different emotions and topics.