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What do experiences with racism look like for your kid?

Children might experience or witness racism or xenophobia because of the color of their skin, birthplace, native language, culture or religion. It's difficult to shield our children from discrimination or hate crimes, particularly as they become prevalent in the news or on social media. While every child will cope differently, it's important to understand that children might be afraid that their families - or even themselves - might become victims to the violence they see on TV and online.

By having a frank conversation with your child, you can help to validate their feelings, acknowledge how racism or xenophobia might affect them, and help them to cope when they are confronted with racism. It is just as important, if not more, to educate children who might not necessarily be confronted with racism to not perpetuate violence and to hold other children who do, accountable for their actions by speaking to a parent, teacher, or guardian.

Songs About Racism

  • Caged Birds (SIO Version)
    Tobe Nwigwe; LaNell Grant
  • One Breath
    Empress Of
  • Howie and the Howl

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